Minangkabau Tour

Minangkabau Tour

Experience the unique Minangkabau culture of Sumatra, a diverse and colourful culture that puts women firmly in charge.

Travelling time1 day

Travelling costsStarts from €30 

IncludingProfessional local guides, transport, lunch

Intensity levelLow – Average

Pricing table

Car 2 persons: €35 per person

Car 3 or more persons: €25 per person

On the back of a motorbike: €30 per person

The tour

Our first stop on this tour is at Baso Village, which is famous for its variety of plantations producing fruits, spicy plants, cloves, cinnamon and coffee. After that we continue to Tabek Patah. Here we can see how the local people make coffee and some other local snacks while enjoying the delicious traditional Minangkabau coffee.

On our way to the main attraction of this tour, we stop to witness the written story on a sanskrit stone about Minangkabau history and the glory of the Minangkabau Empire. Shortly after, we will arrive at the highlight of the day; the King’s Palace in the village Batusangkar. At the palace we have the chance to walk around and take photos of the traditional architecture and the wood carved walls. We will also enjoy lunch near the Palace.

The next stop of this tour is at Balimbing, a small village where we can see old traditional Minangkabau houses with their original architecture. After this, we continue to Lake Singkarak which is one of the largest lakes in West-Sumatra. We will have a break here, drink some coffee and tea while enjoying and relaxing at lake-side.

The last stop of the day will be at Pandai Sikek village, which is very well known for its traditional home industries, such as wood carving and hand weaving with designs that are completely inspired by Minangkabau culture.

After a full day of knowledge, history and impressions of the Minangkabau culture, we return to Bukittinggi.


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