Lake Maninjau Tour

Lake Maninjau tour

Experience the enchanting beauty of Lake Maninjau, Sumatra’s second largest crater lake.

Duration: 1 day

Included: Transport, professional local guides, lunch

Tour prices: Starts from €30 View pricing table

Intensity level: Low


Pricing table

Car 2 persons: €35 per person

Car 3 or more persons: €25 per person

On the back of a motorbike: € 30 per person

The tour

Lake Maninjau is a beautiful volcanic lake not so far away from Bukittinggi, and the drive to get there is almost as ooh as the destination.

On the tour the first stop would be at Kota Gadang. This a village, famous for its traditional home industries of silversmith and embroidery. You can see how the local people make silver with the typical Minangkabau designs.
A picturesque green landscape is one of the most attractive scenes around this village. After visiting this village, you will also be able to see thousands of bats (flying foxes) hanging up on trees, at dusk they all fly out of the trees.

We drive past Sungai Landir, which is another place with green scenery which faces down the slope of Singgalang (Volcanic) Mountain. The area of Lawang, where we drive through after this, is an area surrounded by sugar cane plantations and is the main producer in West Sumatra of sugar cane. You can witness the local people making brown sugar (saka) in traditional way.

Arriving at Lawang Top, a great place to sit and have a drink whilst enjoying the magnificent view of Lake Maninjau. We continue to Lake Maninjau, following the road down which has 44(!) sharp bends. It is very unique and driving down (and up) this road takes special skills to drive safely to the lake!

Once arrived at Lake Maninjau, you can enjoy the lake side view whilst having lunch and a swim. In the afternoon it is time to return to Bukittinggi via the 44 sharp bends up.


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